"We live in a time where big data interacts synergistically with finance and remains steadfast as a vital block of knowledge within its industries."

The energy was electric, green figures whistled across screens, and the echoes of bells rang furiously. 

Swimming alongside a sea of brokers, Wall Streets trading floor felt alive with its unremitting circulation of information. Fascinated by the real story behind the numbers, my trip to the New York Stock Exchange confirmed my natural inclination for researching, analyzing, and predicting macroeconomic trends. Simultaneously, in 2008, the swift demise of Lehman Brothers and its rippling ramifications of foreclosures taught me that integrity should never be eclipsed by financial opportunity. Embracing this core value helped navigate difficult situations as a political strategist, collaborative team player, and CFA Program candidate.

Strategic Consultant

Vienna Relations 

  • Recommended acute strategic alternatives for 360 business analysis.

  • Conducted financial analysis to determine inefficiencies in expenditure accounts. 

  • Boosted brand identity by uncovering strategic insights from the integration of business and psychological analysis.

Provincial Political Strategist

Alberta Party

  • Examined campaign data with detail-oriented precision by delivering insights that optimized and improved social media metrics.

  • Administered large volume sensitive data with adherence to confidentiality of constituents.

  • Researched key economic data indicators via Bloomberg Terminal to measure voting influences.

Co-Team Lead Integrated Capstone

SAIT Polytechnic

  • Demonstrated the ability to effectively work with subject specialists from other fields.

  • Implemented a robust stakeholder engagement strategy for the project sponsor.

  • Constructed, audited, and executed primary research methods to extrapolate target market data. 

Equipping the right tools, ethics, and mindset.

As interdependent economic relationships continue to reach the far corners of the globe, financial institutions that provide high quality, appropriate, and time-sensitive data have been challenged with compounding complexity. Conversely, this risk comes with ample opportunity. Equipping the right tools, ethics, and mindset, we can foster relationships that underpin the precise equity capital needed for a corporation's triple bottom line. Subsequently, firms can then strive for products or services that not only meet a stated demand, but also direct society forward under new heights of innovation.

If you feel that I can help drive your company forward. I would appreciate the opportunity to personally speak with you further. Attached on the bottom menu, is my phone number, email, and Linkedin.